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*Please note this page is to only be used by approved Lenders. Please enclose your garment details inside the box at check out.


If you live locally and own a designer dress that sits lonely in your wardrobe, why not rent it on Goldie's!

We collect the dress, have it dry cleaned and leave it in immaculate condition at Goldie's HQ so when it's selected to be hired, you don't have to do a thing! Each time the dress is hired you will receive a % commission of the hire price (depending on the RRP, style and designer it could be upwards of 45%!)

You can borrow the dress whenever you like (granted it's not already hired) and revoke it from the website at any time. 

All lenders are encouraged to purchase our Lenders Insurance (one time fee of $50) that will guarantee you will be paid 50% of the retail price in the extremely unlikely event your dress is damaged or stolen.  

Should your dress not get hired and you/or Goldie's decides to take it off the site, your Lenders Insurance will be fully refunded. Once the dress has been hired, your Lenders Insurance cannot be refunded. 


If you have a dress you'd like to rent out please email us:

With the subject 'Rent My Dress' and attach 2-4 photos (front, back and being worn), the designer and RRP