Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully before electing to use Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire. By purchasing any product from this site, you agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions. If you do not agree to Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire Terms of the agreement, then you may not use the service.




  • If any damage occurs to the hired garment during the customers hire period they must immediately notify Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire with photos of the damage
  • Mindfully avoid getting any stains (perfume, spay tan, drinks) on the garment to avoid additional fees
  • The garment is for your use only. It must stay in their own possession and control for the entire hire period
  • Make no alterations or additions to the garment or in any other manner interfere with the garment
  • If the customer elects to use fake tanning products they must apply at least 2 days prior to wearing the garment to ensure they do not stain the garment
  • Return the hired garment in the pre-paid express returns satchel provided inside the original satchel before 5pm on the last day of their hire period. If you elect to pickup/drop off, place your Goldie's bag inside the dropbox at the Goldie's store before the end of your hire period.



All customers must comply with a standardised Late Fee Policy that Goldie’s - Designer Dress Hire will enforce to protect our services. Goldie’s - Designer Dress Hire relies on customers returning items in a timely manner.

 If your hire period is scheduled to end over a weekend, you must lodge your return by 5pm the following business day (Monday). If you pick up/drop off your order from our showroom (24 Greenway Street, Wickham) you must place your order into our dropbox (located outside the building) by 5pm on the last day of your hire period.

Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire keeps record of all returning tracking numbers to ensure they can keep records of what stage of the shipment the returns satchel is at. It is not our responsibility if you do not properly lodge your return and the tracking is not showable on the Australia Post website. 
If your parcel does not arrive at Goldie’s in the timeframe necessary and no tracking is shown on Australia Post, you are liable for recovery fees.

Weekday hires must be lodged or dropped back by 5pm the following day. 

For each day a garments is late, a fee of $30 is charged. This fee will be automatically charged to your card on file. Your card is captured when purchasing your security deposit online or booking a Try On Appointment at Goldie's. By choosing to not pay a late fee or return your garment is a direct violation of Goldie's - Designer Dress Hires Term's & Conditions. Goldie’s - Designer Dress Hire reserves the right to charge the credit card on file, or otherwise collect payment from you and pursue any avenues available to Goldie’s - Designer Dress Hire in this regard. If we are unable to charge the credit card on file or otherwise collect payment from you, you agree to remit payment for the additional hire period (if applicable). Unpaid invoices will be passed on to a debt-collection service. The customer is liable to pay for the recovery fee as well as their late fee. 

Goldie’s reserves the right to make contact with work, friends or family to enquire why your order has not been returned. 

Goldie’s reserves the right to contact the police local to your district to make them aware of the matter.

Goldie’s reserved the right to show up unannounced at your postal address to enquire about lost or missing orders. 

Late fees will be capped at 2 weeks or up to the RRP whichever is larger unless otherwise determined by Goldie’s - Designer Dress Hire in their sole discretion. After 2 weeks, if the order is unreturned your card stored by Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire will be charged any remaining amounts. This charge is authorised and not refundable. 




If you are using the Site or Services and you reside in Australia, you are contracting with Goldie’s - Designer Dress Hire (ABN 80298475907). By using the Site you agree to comply with and be legally bound by the terms and conditions of these Terms of Service ("Terms"), whether or not you become a customer user of the Services.


The customer agrees to pay all amounts due in clear funds from the date of invoice for the product and services provided by Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire. The customer agrees that if he/she fails to pay in accordance with this clause Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire may withhold the hire with no refund, exchange or credit. 

Once a hire fee has been paid it is strictly non-refundable. Customers are given a 24 hour cancellation period beginning from the time of purchase where an exchange or credit can be offered. Newcastle based customers can contact Goldie's 3 days prior to their hire date at request a change of date (granted the new hire period is free) or a store credit. Not all requests can be granted but Goldie's will endeavour to do what works best for the customer whenever possible. If the hire period is within 3 days the order cannot be changed. All fees are final. 

Newcastle customers debit or credit card is stored when booking an appointment online. Goldie's reserves the right to charge this card any additional fees including late fees or damaged or stolen goods. These cards will be recorded and kept in  Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire records for security. Clients personal sensitive data is securely saved.




Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire reserves the right to charge the customer the recommended retail price (RRP) to replace a damaged or stolen garment. If the customers card stored at time of purchased or booking will be charged within 14 days if the order is unreturned or damaged. For customers who elect to pickup/drop off as their delivery method, their card was stored when booking for their online appointment via Timely. If your card was not recorded at time of pick up, it is the customers responsibility to supply it once a damaged garment has been returned or pay the invoice from Goldie’s.

If unpaid, after 14 days the card used at check out will be charged. If the card used to pay for the original order is is unable to be charged, this fee will turn into a debt and will be passed onto our debt collectors at Marshall Freeman. The customer is liable for recovery fees as well as the Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire fee.  

In the instance where a garment can be repaired for an amount less than the RRP,  Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire reserves the right to charge the customer this value. If the garment is booked for a back-to-back hire and cannot be fulfilled due to the delay in repair of the garment, the customer is liable to pay an additional hire fee.  

Customers should also be aware a $10.00 per person charge for regular appointments and $15 per person for Bridesmaids appointments occurs for Try On appointments that result in no bookings at the time of the appointment. Charged at the end of the appointment via the card on file. These charges are strictly non refundable despite future hires that may occur. A no-show or late cancellation fee of $25 is also charged for customers who do not attend their appointment or cancel under 24 hours notice. This is non-refundable nor transferable. 

Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire advise clients to be extremely mindful when using fake tanning products, perfume, makeup, drinks, stamps etc when hiring a garment. In the event that a stain prevents a garment from being rehired,  Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire reserves the right to charge the client a dry cleaning fee and/or RRP.


Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire reserves the right to recharge the customer a hiring fee/late fee for any garment's that are not returned within the specified agreed period. A customer who loses or steals an item will be charged the garment's RRP to ensure the item can be replaced. The customer accepts full responsibility for the safekeeping of the apparel. Goldie's customers subscribe to email marketing when hiring via our website. You can opt out at anytime. 


Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire treat every hire garment with the absolute care and strive to ensure great condition. If the customer disputes any product hired or service supplied by  Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire, the client must notify Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire with their reasons immediately after delivery or collection. The customer loses any right to dispute the quality of the product or service after this time period, wear or after the safety tag has been removed. Each garment goes through a checklist in which is examined thoroughly by  Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire + a third party dry cleaning team - therefore it is highly unlikely damages have been missed. Any minor faults and postage fees are non-refundable. 





All online orders who elect shipping by Australia Post will be charged for express shipping to ensure the garments have enough time to be returned, examined and dry cleaned before the next hire.

Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire cannot be held responsible for a customers personal suburbs postman therefor resulting in a non - delivery or delay in delivery after they leave the local Post Office. It is the client's responsibility to ensure the parcel can be delivered to the nominated address in time for their event. The client is not entitled to any compensation from Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire of any nature for any loss, damage or delay. It is the customers responsibility to hire 5 business days in advance for Goldie's to be liable for any late deliveries. Customers that order under 5 business days will take on the risk.

It is the customers responsibility to place the garment's in the return express satchel provided and lodge to an Australian Post office within the hire return period. Should a weekend hire garment/s be sent any later than the following Monday 5pm, late fee/s of $30 per day will be charged. In the event,  Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire loses an order due to the delay, we reserve the right to charge additional hiring fees. The customers card kept on record will be charged, If we cannot charge the card, the customers have 48 hours to pay the fees before they are handed to our debt collector. Recovery fees will be at the customers expense. 




It is the customers responsibility to be aware that Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire charges a security deposit for postal orders. This one time fee of 0.50c is set and will capture the customers card details at the check out. It is Goldie's responsibility to ensure no additional amount apart from direct violations of the hired garment are charged as a direct result of the subscription.

Goldie's will manually add an additional product to your account and charge the card on file for the fee involved. Fees directly relating to late fees, damaged or stolen garments will be charged via this method.

Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire will not send any parcel before the customer has paid for the security deposit via our online store. Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire cannot be held liable for late security deposits therefor affecting postage timeframes. Refunds, exchanges or credits will not be offered to clients who ignore bond requests to the nominated email address.

The required security deposit will be held by Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire for the return postage, hiring and laundering duration. If any Term & Condition has been breached by the customer, the customer forfeits their right to wave additional fees or dispute the charges are unauthorised. 

Newcastle customers card details are stored at time of booking their online appointment via a third party app, Timely. At Goldie's request, orders made in store may be subject to pay for an additional security deposit.

If the garment is not returned or damaged beyond repair the card number stored at time of release will be charged the full RRP.

The card stored on file will charge any additional fees including late fees, damaged fees, loss of sales due to late fees or damaged garments or replacement of the garment in subject.

If Goldie's does not to take their card number when collecting their order the above still applies. Goldie's will issue an invoice which must be paid immediately. 




When signing up to become a Lender on Goldie’s - Designer Dress Hire you automatically agree to the Terms and Conditions listed on this website.

By agreeing to rent your garment/s on this site you acknowledge that it is in the best interest of the Lender to purchase Goldie’s Lenders Insurance, a one time fee paid via http://www.goldiesdresshire.com/products/rent-your-dress

The Lenders Insurance will cover the Lender should their garment be stolen or unrepairable. The Lender will be covered for up to $500 (or $1000 for customers on the Gold Tier Insurance Package) or 50% of the recommended retail price of their garment based on their insurance package (whichever is lower). In order to access Goldie’s - Designer Dress Hire Lenders Insurance, Lenders must list an accurate and verifiable recommended retail price and have complied with these terms at all times. It is not Goldie’s responsibility to remind the Lender to purchase insurance before their elected garments first hire. Once the dress is live on the website, it is up to the lender to fill out the Rent Your Dress form supplied to them by Goldie’s. Goldie’s - Designer Dress Hire reserves the right to ask for receipts from the order to verify the cost the Lender purchased the garment in consideration. Should the price the Lender purchased the dress be lower than the recommended retail price, Goldie’s - Designer Dress Hire will pay half the price as stated on the Lenders receipt.

Please review any insurance policy that you may have for your Items carefully, and in particular please make sure that you are familiar with and understand any exclusions to, and any deductibles that may apply for, such insurance policy, including, but not limited to, whether or not your insurance policy will cover the actions or inactions of Borrowers while renting your Items. Goldie’s - Designer Dress Hire offers optional insurance for Lenders in defined circumstances.

If the Lender or Goldie’s chooses to revoke the garment from Goldie’s - Designer Dress Hire site and their garment have not been rented, they reserve the right to have their Lenders Insurance Fee fully refunded. If the Lenders dress has been rented their Renters Insurance has been activated and will not be eligible for their Lenders Insurance to be refunded.

Each Lenders Insurance is valid for 1 garment. If the Lender decides to rent more than 1 garment on Goldie's website, it is up to them to purchase insurance for each garment. 

Lenders can add insurance to their garment at any point during it’s conract at Goldie’s. If an order is placed and the Lender has not purchased Lenders Insurance, it is up to them to purchase prior to the rental period, should they want protection.

Goldie’s - Designer Dress Hire reserves the right to remove Lenders garment/s without any notice to the Lender. The Lender reserve the right to remove their garment/s off Goldie’s - Designer Dress Hire site granted their garment has no future bookings, undergone strategic marketing within the past 4 weeks or been on the website for less then 3 months from the time the Lender confirms their contract.

Once the Lender has signed up to become a Lender, they must have the agreed garment/s dry cleaned ready for drop off. Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire will create a hire price based on the brand, RRP and condition of the Lenders chosen garment/s. The Lender will be paid a percentage of the hire price of their rented garment which will be decided by Goldie's at the start of the contract. The percentage the Lender is paid will be calculated after dry cleaning, website/ transaction fees, marketing and operational costs have been deducted. 

Payments will be paid to the Lender via bank transfer. The Lender reserves the right to question Goldie's - Designer Dress Hire should their commission not be paid within 7 days of usual payment (1st of each month for the prior month).

Once the garment/s are ready for drop off the Lender must provide a time/date to drop off the garment/s to Goldie’s - Designer Dress Hire store. Goldie’s reserves the right to reject the garment/s once given an inspection in real life. The Lender is required to pay for any alternations Goldie’s sees fit for their garment/s to ensure it meets the Goldie’s - Designer Dress Hire standard before it is accepted into the Lenders program.

Once the exchange has been made, Goldie’s will cover any future costs of garment/s to be dry cleaned or altered to ensure they stay in the best condition.

The Lender is able to borrow their garment/s whenever they please (granted the garment isn’t already hired by an exisitng customer). The Lender agrees to have the garment dry cleaned or pay Goldie's the dry cleaning cost when returning the dress.

If the dress does not require dry cleaning then Goldie's will handle the cleaning process. The payment must be made before the garment is picked up or shipped from Goldie’s store. Should the Lender require their garment to be shipped, the Lender must pay for shipping costs. Lenders are able to pickup/drop off their garment to borrow from Goldie’s store free of charge. 




Every product on the Goldie's website has an individual calendar in which the Lender can view at any point in time to check on their dresses future bookings. Please note although hire periods are for 4 days, lead and lag times for shipping and cleaning apply which result in a longer period being blacked out online.

Bookings may be cancelled up to 3 days prior to the hire period beginning as per terms and conditions which may result in a store credit for the customer. If your dresses booking has been cancelled, the calendar will become available again and commission will not be paid.




The Lender consents to have their agreed commission price lowered if their dress is hired via a sale or discount code. Goldie's does not have to notify the Lender of said discount and will be paid the exact amount discounted from their original commission fee.




Goldie's may use any dress in the current collection (owned by Goldie's or a Lender) for promotional use. Goldie's does not have to notify the Lender that it will be worn and commission will not be paid. The dress must be photographed when worn and used for marketing purposes only.