Security Deposits

 How do I pay for the security deposit?

For postal orders, your security deposit will automatically add to your cart at check out. If you remove it, we will be in touch to secure the payment before your order is shipped.

For in store bookings, your card is captured when booking online which will be charged should the garment be late, damaged or stolen.


Please note:

This order will appear as a subscription but you will NOT be charged any additional amounts other then the original 0.50c at check out.


What am I charged?

Customers are charged a authorisation fee of 0.50c when they secure their order. At that time their card details are captured and security stored. Goldie's is then authorised to make an additional charge should the customer not return or damage their hired garment.


What warrants getting charged an additional amount?

Although all our dresses come with accidental damage insurance (button fell off, broken zipper ect) if the dress comes back in worse for wear condition and requires further care than our usual dry cleaning, you are at risk of being charged additional fees.

If the dress is ruined or not returned, your card be charged the full RRP with the card stored when checking out.


What happens if I don't pay my security deposit?

If you hire a dress and do not end up paying your security deposit, your order will not be shipped and not receive a refund.


Is it possible to hire without paying the security deposit?

Unfortunately no. For security reasons, we are unable to post any orders before the security deposit has been paid.