Rent Your Dress

 Join hundreds of women and be apart of our Rent Your Dress Program!

Do you own a designer piece sitting lonely in your wardrobe? Rent it through us!
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Average account reach of 20K organically 
Hundreds of appointments in store monthly
87% success rate in store


    After your dress is approved and you have dry cleaned the garment/s, we will arrange a time to drop it off in store or send postal information. 
    We try on, shoot and research every garment to ensure it's compatibility with our brand.
    Once it's approved and online, it's left in immaculate condition at our Goldie's store so when it's selected to be hired, you don't have to do a thing! Each time the dress is hired you will receive a % commission of the hire price (depending on the RRP, style and designer it could be upwards of 30%)
    You can borrow the dress whenever you like (provided it isn't already booked) and have it back to keep at the end of it's hiring journey.
    All lenders are encouraged to purchase our Lenders Insurance for peace of mind while we care for your beloved pieces.
    Should your dress not get hired and you/we decide to take it off the site, your Lenders Insurance will be fully refunded. Once the dress has been hired, your Lenders Insurance is activated and cannot be refunded. 

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