We know, it's a pain in the ass but for the protection of our garments and the garments rented via Goldie's, we take a bond on all postal orders.




Who has to pay for a bond?

For security reasons, all postal orders are required to pay a bond before their order will be shipped.

Our Newcastle customers who select pickup/drop off as their preferred delivery method do not have to pay a bond. When they come to collect their garment they must bring:

- Identification

- Credit/debit card

- Sign release wavier 

All of these will be recorded and safely kept until the return of the garment.


How do I pay for my bond?

You can pay for your bond when hiring your dress or pay the week before your event. To purchase your bond click here


How much do I have to pay?

Depending on the cost of your hire:

Hires under $100: $50.00

Hires under $150: $100.00

Hires above $150: $150.00


I'm securing my dress weeks in advance and don't want to be out of pocket with my bond?

We completely understand. You have two options when checking out:

1. Add the bond to your cart when securing your dress so everything has been paid for in advance. 

2. Pay your bond 1 week prior to your event. We will send you an email 1-2 weeks prior to remind you.


When do I get my bond back?

Once your garment has been returned back to Goldie's HQ and has passed the inspection period, you'll be immediately refunded.


What warrants not getting your bond back?

Although all our dresses come with accidental damage insurance (button fell off, broken zipper ect) if the dress comes back in worse for wear condition and requires further care than our usual dry cleaning, you are at risk of not receiving your bond back.

If the damage costs comes under the price of your bond you will still be refunded the remaining amount.

If the dress is ruined or not returned, you will be charged the full RRP and the bond will be automatically put towards that payment.


What happens if I don't pay my bond?

If you hire a dress and do not end up paying your bond, your order will not be shipped and not receive a refund.


Is it possible to hire without paying the bond?

Unfortunately no. For security reasons, we are unable to post any orders before the bond has been paid.